Welcome to WriteBrand

Whether you’re developing a new brand, refining your existing one, naming a product, creating new collateral, or communicating in a new medium, it’s a big deal. That’s why you want the right people on the job. We bring together polished writing skills, seasoned branding perspective, and unconventional thinking to help you communicate with impact.

Who is WriteBrand?

Word Junkies
Who doesn’t love a good use of language? Whether it’s for impact, irony, or humor, we love to put words to work.
Brand Seekers
We love it when brands do it right. And we’re always ready to share our favorite examples.
Design Enthusiasts
We can’t design your logo, but we know a good one when we see it!
Schedule Fanatics
So maybe we’re not all fans of the schedule, but we have someone here who is!

Our Crazy Skills

Brand Strategy 45%
Copywriting 40%
Management 14%
Cupcake Locating 1%

Meet Our Team

Janelle McGlothlin

Janelle McGlothlin
For over 20 years, Janelle has been helping companies define and refine their stories. Having spent her early career in the market research trenches, she knows the value of data and how analytics can identify new opportunities. Over the years, at the Wharton School, working as a marketing manager for start-ups, and collaborating with clients in virtually every industry, she has developed business savvy that she applies in every project. But, ultimately, she takes pride in her ability to put words to work. Whether it’s in a new name, a punchy tagline, compelling copy, a captivating script or an insightful brand strategy, she understands the power of written and spoken words to help you tell your story.
Rebecca LaFond

Rebecca LaFond
Starting out in film and television, Rebecca understands the importance of story and takes even the craziest schedules in stride. As the mother of three young children, she knows how important it is to grab people’s attention immediately, keep them interested, and make your point quickly. Not to mention, she’s a stickler for good grammar.  She’s a talented writer and task-master, keeping the WriteBrand office and team on track and ensuring we hit client deadlines and deliver great work.


Kat Popovic

Kat Popovic
Kat has worked in a variety of industries, from designer denim to doom rock. She understands the nuts and bolts of business, but also knows the power of creativity. She loves crafting the perfect story—whether it’s a 140-character Tweet or a 10-page whitepaper, she’s happiest putting pen to paper (or sticking her nose in a book). In addition to working as a writer, Kat has been a bookkeeper, blogger, and business manager for a renowned heavy metal band. She’s stoked to add her eclectic experience to the WriteBrand team.