Finding your name.

Whether you’re naming your company, a product, a program, or even your chatbot, we can help with a structured process and plenty of creative minds.

We’ll call it…

You’ve done the hard part—come up with an idea, and executed. Now comes the fun part: choosing a name. People often think the perfect name will just pop into their head. But it’s more complicated than that. It takes time, thoughtfulness, a lot of hard work, and a little magic to come up with the perfect name. That’s where WriteBrand can help.

The nuances of naming.

How do you capture the essence of an idea in just a few characters? That’s the exciting challenge of naming. Our approach brings together discipline, creative inspiration, and good business instincts to get you the right results.

Set Criteria

Taking time upfront to define what you want from your name guides the process.

Generate Candidates

This the magic. We put lots of brains on it for diverse perspectives.

Check Availability

We look at URLs, trademark registration, and search results before presenting candidates.

Guide Evaluation

Choosing isn’t easy. We help you use the criteria to assess and get consensus.