Branding an Experience

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It’s not every day that you get the opportunity to help brand an experience within a big city. And when that experience involves your very own neighborhood, it’s that much more exciting! So when we were asked to help brand the historic Arroyo Seco Parkway National Scenic Byway, the obvious answer was, yes!

The Arroyo Seco Parkway National Scenic Byway is a stretch in Los Angeles that runs along the Arroyo Seco river, and spans from Downtown Los Angeles to Pasadena. The Byway crosses through several districts that are as different as they are interesting, and range from nature sanctuaries and historical monuments to artist studios and restaurants – each section having it’s own distinct personality. We were asked to tie all the districts together with one overarching personality and tagline, and also come up with a marketing plan for the short, near, and long term.

This is probably one of our all-time favorite projects in this office. To be involved in something that is so close to home and so personal, was really exciting. We were able to draw from our own personal experiences with the Byway, and create something to make it better, and develop experiences that we would like to see in our own neighborhood. And we were able to work with some really great local resources like the Arroyo Guild and Amy Inouye of Chicken Boy and Future Studio fame, as well as the professionals from the national organization, America’s Byways.

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