A name and tagline that bear fruit.


Sierra Produce delivers high-quality produce sourced from around the world to grocery stores across the US. While the company had established a name for itself, that name was a bit limiting as they’re not just in California. Plus, it didn’t stand out in an increasingly competitive market. Sierra Produce needed a fresh new product brand to communicate what makes its goods stand apart: quality, service, value, farmer relationships, and year-round availability. We stepped in to craft a new product name and corporate tagline that would help the company bring their fresh fruit to more shelves around the nation.


Sierra Produce offers retailers a wide selection of fruit, from apples and oranges to peaches, plums and blueberries. They’ve built long-standing, direct relationships with producers across five continents and pride themselves on their ability to deliver what customers want year-round, without compromising quality.


Sierra Produce needed an attention-grabbing new product name and corporate tagline to freshen up its messaging—and become the apple of produce shoppers’ eyes. Our longtime partner Betsy Todd Design Consultancy developed a fresh logo to bring the new brand to life.


WriteBrand worked with the Sierra Produce team to refine naming criteria and then explored multiple creative directions and naming constructs, ultimately landing on the name SunLink for the company’s product line. We did a shorter tagline exploration to reinforce the corporate brand message: Farm to Family Every Day.