Smart Communications

Customer Conversations Trends Report 2024


SmartCommunications helps top enterprise organizations deliver personalized, consistent, and compliant conversations across channels and touchpoints. While modernizing customer communications has been a business mandate for some time, ongoing economic and geopolitical uncertainty make it  more urgent than ever. To help brands understand how to thrive in this climate, SmartComms spoke with experts and thought leaders in the highly-regulated industries they serve about what’s impacting customer conversations. We turned hours of interviews and notes into a cohesive, insightful, and well-structured key trends report that SmartComms has promoted on their site as a high-value asset.


The Conversation Cloud from SmartComms is an agile, cloud-based platform that makes it easy to simplify, automate, and scale complex processes. By making conversations across the customer lifecycle smarter and transforming static forms into dynamic, two-way digital interactions, SmartComms empowers enterprises to succeed in today’s digital-first, customer-driven world.


SmartComms needed a strong thought leadership piece to attract enterprise prospects and customers and demonstrate their expertise across key industries including financial services, healthcare, and insurance. They wanted the report to be clear and compelling as well as easily scannable, with lots of stats and callouts to keep readers engaged.


WriteBrand took the raw content SmartComms provided and crafted a comprehensive report focused on five key trends, how they impact highly regulated industries, and how modern tech and agile processes can help businesses meet the moment. We conducted additional research to find analyst stats and quotes to support these findings.   

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