A new name in aesthetics


The world of aesthetic surgery is part medicine, part art. When regional start-up Avanti came to our partners at Magnitude Design to create a breakthrough brand focused on micro-sculpting, WriteBrand was brought in to assist with all verbal aspects of the effort. One of the great advantages of launching a new company is the ability to build the brand from the ground up. We started with a brand platform, developing a clearly defined purpose, positioning, promise, and personality. With this framework as our guide, we renamed the company as Athenix — a name that modernizes the ideals of strength, beauty, and wisdom in an industry begging for a standout.


Athenix Body Sculpting Institute (we developed the descriptor, too) helps patients achieve their ideal look through combined therapies and innovative aesthetic treatments that deliver the best results.


The company was looking to build the most compelling brand possible for its planned expansion. From naming, logo, tagline, and website, they needed to create an end-to-end presence that grabbed attention.


We worked closely with our design partners at Magnitude to establish the brand platform (positioning, promise, personality) and name for the company. We also developed their tagline — Medically advanced. Naturally you. — and wrote website and collateral copy.