It Happened AGAIN!

By August 2, 2017September 2nd, 2021No Comments

When a glass table spontaneously explodes once, you think it’s a freak accident. When it happens twice, you start questioning if you will ever own a glass table again. Ever. And then you start to think, what else can just explode? My computer screen? My car windows?

Certainly there’s a reasonable explanation. According to Ikea, that explanation is, tempered glass is designed for this. When we called about our exploding table, we did in fact get the same explanation. While it is likely true, they may want to come up with a better message, or at the very least, a better way to communicate this information. Because when someone loses an eye, they are going to want to hear something more than, it’s designed for this.

(A Google search of exploding tables also shows this is far from the second time. Time to craft that message!)

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