Visa Commerce Unbound

Telling a global data story


More often than not, summaries of in-depth global research data can be a little dry. When Visa wanted to bring its timely data about global consumer spending practices to life, they turned to our long-time collaborator LOOK Agency. From concepting presentation opportunities and writing the global report to creating country-specific summaries and presentations, WriteBrand led the content development, while LOOK brought the visuals to life. What started as an insightful research report in year one became an interactive experience in the second year we worked on it. And the Visa team was singing the praises of Commerce Unbound worldwide.


As one of the world’s leading financial services companies, Visa Inc. connects consumers and businesses to payment technologies and trends shaping the way people move money globally.


With primary research done in 20+ countries, Visa needed a partner that could synthesize and share the findings on both a global and local scale to build understanding and some buzz.


Digging into the data, our team developed different concepts for ways to present this deep dive into local financial practices and perspectives, and then created all the content and summaries.