The impact of words in driving change

As writers, we’ve always believed words have tremendous power. Our team’s livelihood depends on choosing ours wisely. Thinking about meaning and double meanings. Eliminating the unnecessary ones. Leaning into the emotional, more impactful ones. As we look at what is happening with protests, media coverage, and manifestos, we immediately jump to the language we are using, what they mean, and the positive and negative impacts they have to right wrongs and drive change.  Words define movements Black Lives Matter. These three simple words have taken far too long to take hold. But finally, after watching the appalling videos of Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, and Amy Cooper, Black Lives Matter has finally gained meaning and momentum more broadly.   Whether it was connecting these words and visuals in such a visceral way in a one-week period. Or whether stay-at-home orders had more of us finally paying attention, they have landed. And thank you to Twitter, memes, and other social media tools for ruthlessly pointing out the stupidity of the “All Lives Matter” counter argument. Words that try to equivocate or make everyone feel ok fail us. Especially at this moment. Especially with this demand. We must see what is happening to Black people. And we have to do something about it. Black Lives Matter as a call to action is so tragic because we have had to be told this when it should just be a given. And still people argue against it. WTF, America? It’s long past time we get behind Black Lives Matter.  Words demand accountability Sadly, the “all” argument isn’t even the worst affront during these times (and it’s really bad). The use of the passive voice in media headlines is absolutely criminal. I don’t […]

Happy Holidays from WriteBrand!

WriteBrand will be closed for the holidays from  December 25, 2017 – January 1, 2018.  Thank you for a wonderful 2017 and we look forward to working together in 2018!

It happened again!

When a glass table spontaneously explodes once, you think it’s a freak accident. When it happens twice, you start questioning if you will ever own a glass table again. Ever. And then you start to think, what else can just explode? My computer screen? My car windows? Certainly there’s a reasonable explanation. According to Ikea, that explanation is, tempered glass is designed for this. When we called about our exploding table, we did in fact get the same explanation. While it is likely true, they may want to come up with a better message, or at the very least, a better way to communicate this information. Because when someone loses an eye, they are going to want to hear something more than, it’s designed for this. (A Google search of exploding tables also shows this is far from the second time. Time to craft that message!)  

There’s a new WriteBrand in town.

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The Dream is Still Alive Today

                            Today we celebrate a man who changed American history. A man who used words to encourage and empower a generation to do what is right. This speech is one of the most recognizable and quoted speeches in recent history, with good reason. These powerful words have stood the test of time and the test of mankind. So today, we honor Martin Luther King, Jr., and his words that changed history, and we celebrate with purpose.

Warm Merry Greetings from WriteBrand

  Here we are again—‘tis the season for hauling out ye olde holiday platitudes. What’s your go-to during the most wonderful time of the year? Are you a safe, “Happy Holidays” kind of person? Maybe “Seasons Greetings” is more your style? As coastal elites, we enjoy a good “Peace and Joy!” But we can also respect the hardliners who stick with “Merry Christmas” regardless of who they’re endowing their wishes upon, or where. (We’re looking at you, Cracker Barrel.) As writers, we appreciate the power of words. We adore words. We worship words. We live and breathe words. From the sweetest letter to Santa to the silliest songs (who wants a hippo for any holiday?), words bring us all together and make the holiday season resonate deep in our hearts. So it’s not out of disregard for words that we make this humble request, but rather out of our heartfelt love for them. Please, don’t waste your words this season by throwing around tired, overused greetings. Why not get creative with your holiday wishes, and say what you really mean? For example, instead of wishing the parents at your kids’ school Happy Holidays, how about, “Happy hemorrhaging your hard-earned cash!” Rather than sending your co-workers Season’s Greetings cards, how about, “Safe over-eating/aggressive-drinking to numb your emotions and survive a week with your relatives!” While we’re at it, let’s just go ahead and replace “Peace and Joy” with “We’re all in this together—let’s hunker down and get through it, shall we?” Here are a few other new holiday wishes we’d like to spread. Feel free to go forth and use them wisely. Late November: Here we go! December 26: Merry day after xmas—you did it! (..or […]

Sh** is blowing up over here. Literally.

Welcome to WriteBrand’s first Public Service Announcement. At approximately 11:30 Friday morning, Janelle’s tempered glass-top Ikea desk exploded. Not cracked, not shattered, it actually exploded. Kaboom.       Fortunately, Janelle was working elsewhere at the time and no one was in her office. We heard a loud bang and, after running to check all the occupied rooms, unlocked her door to find the entire room covered in broken glass. After ruling out anything falling on it or (we hope) paranormal activity, a quick Google search revealed that this is not unheard of. (Are you backing away from your glass-topped desk yet? Good. Keep reading.) Apparently tempered glass is easily “compromised”, and once compromised can spontaneously explode at any time. The good news is, tempered glass is made to break up into chunks not shards. (Note: chunks of glass can still cut you, but it is slightly easier to clean up.) The bad news is, um, it explodes!? Doesn’t this seem like something that deserves a warning sticker at the very least? You know, like, “Careful – coffee may be hot!” Or in this case, “Heads up – desk may be explosive!” After contacting Ikea customer service (don’t even get us started on the guy in the remote call center who asked us to help him get a job in LA – after we told him our desk just exploded), we were told by not one, but two representatives to collect the 25 pounds of shattered glass, put it in a box, and return it to the store with our original receipt in order to get a replacement. (Wow, just wow, Ikea. We’re making a list of things you can do with your meatballs right now.) […]