Content marketing: A smarter way to connect

In the rapid-fire world of digital, on-demand everything, advertising has lost some of its punch. We are simply over-saturated. Businesses need to find new ways to engage customers and drive them to take action. And so, content marketing was born. Think of it as a great way to connect with your target audience and position yourself as the go-to brand and a thought leader (without waving your logo in their faces). Content marketing is about creating and curating valuable content that’s packed with the kind of information your audience is looking for, and delivering it to the places where they are looking. You can gain new customers, and also compel existing customers to act—whether you want them to visit your website, buy your product, or sign up for your newsletter. It’s all about crafting thoughtful, useful content and buttoning it up with a smart call-to-action that serves your audience, while also serving your brand. It’s not about thinly veiled self-promotion. So how does content marketing differ from traditional advertising? Think of it like this: When you advertise, you tell the world you’re awesome. When you use content marketing, you show them. It’s the anti-advertising way to promote your brand, your value, and your expertise. It’s about sharing ideas, instead of pushing products. As big fans of “show, don’t tell” (a golden rule of writing), we’re huge proponents of this strategy. And we’ve enjoyed dipping our toes into it lately, with some great results for our clients.     Creating Real-time Navigable 3D Infrastructure Models A piece we wrote about design visualization and civil engineering for the online magazine Informed Infrastructure.           CAD Manager’s Guide to the Galaxy This one for AEC […]

What We’re Reading

“Always read something that will make you look good if you die in the middle of it.” – P.J. O’Rourke As word-lovers and wordsmiths, we love curling up with a good read, whether that means an audiobook, an eBook, or an actual paper book (imagine that). We love to read, and as writers people often ask us for recommendations. We’re beating you to the punch—here’s what’s on our nightstands, screens, and minds right now. What is Janelle reading? I’ve never been one for thrillers, but reading In a Dark, Dark Wood by Ruth Ware opened my eyes to a fun new genre. I loved the spare writing style, and the “can’t put it down” pacing. The excitement takes place at a hen weekend (you can always learn new words) in the British countryside. The psychological twists and snarky dialogue definitely sucked me in. As a first novel, it’s not without its failings — the build up was definitely better than the wrap up— but I found it solidly entertaining. Think beach read or when you just want an escape.  And, hey, that’s important reading, too. What is Mouncey reading? Paul Johnson blows my mind. I’m just finishing his A History of the American People right now. This is my third book by Johnson, the first two being A History of the Jews and A History of Christianity, which were both fantastic, if occasionally depressing. They are all very long, but that’s okay when he’s strafing you with powerful insights every page or two.  He covers the development of ideas and peoples with equal flair and pith. He’s simply one of the best expositional stylists I’ve ever come across, certainly in league with more contemporary titans like […] Launches! (finally)

  Full disclosure – we’ve been working on this site for way too long. Our clients have kept us happily busy, so we can’t complain, but we did learn a thing or two in the process. Since many of our clients face the same issues we do as a company, we put together a few tips to help you take the stress out of getting your website off the ground. ____________________ We’ve all been there. (Especially us.) Some guy: So what do you do? You: I’m a blah blah blah at such and such and we do this, that and the other. SG: No way, I’m looking for a blah blah blah to do this, that and the other. What’s your website? (Crickets.) Y: Oh, well, um, I’m still working on it. It’s in development. You know how it goes, the cobbler’s children have no shoes… SG: (Back to those crickets.) The truth is, to survive in today’s business world you need a website. And to thrive, you need a good one. Building a website can be overwhelming. If you’ve never done it before, or even if you have but it’s time for an update, it’s hard to know where to start. There’s so much to think about, and so little time. (Not to mention TV to binge-watch.) As copywriters, we’ve helped create content for hundreds (if not thousands) of websites. We’ve seen it all: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We’ve also seen the great – which is what you want. The first step is hiring the right designer. A good web designer is a great investment. According to one study, it takes visitors less then two-tenths of a second to form an opinion […]

Punctuation, oh punctuation!

  Sometimes language needs to evolve. Especially when it could evolve to something as fabulous as the Morgan Freemark! And these new punctuation marks could clear up so many text and email conversations! New and Necessary Punctuation Marks Update: Oh what is this!? These punctation marks are now available for download!? Be looking forward to Mockwotation Marks very soon in correspondence!